Forged of Blood Wiki

Forged Of Blood is a riveting new Fantasy Tactical RPG where the fate of a world hangs on your every decision. Engage in challenging tactical combat as you find your place in a morally grey fantasy world and decide whether the ends will ultimately justify your actions.

Players are thrown into a world being torn apart by racial tensions and sinister forces. Across the vast continent of Attiras, players will live the rise of power of the second son of a murdered king. From refugee to hero, players will have to navigate both strategic and tactical gameplay layers to forge the empire anew, or watch is run awash in blood.

Tactical Combat: Forged of Blood will pit players against fantastic creatures and brutal enemies on a tactical layer that is designed to encourage player flexibility and creativity in battle. Here, positioning, build efficiency, and tactics can mean the razor thin line between victory and defeat.

Strategic Management: Outside of combat, players will be charged with retaking the world of Attiras. This layer will have two different windows that will pit players On the strategic map, players will move their combat parties around the continent to complete quests and claim territories.